Module 1: Eco-innovation and competitiveness in a globalizing economy 

Nature of eco-innovation 
Eco-innovation and entrepreneurship 
Scenarios and forecasting: methods, tools, and measure
National and International regulation of eco-innovation 

Module 2: Methods and tools for economic and environmental evaluation 

Economic evaluation 
Environmental evaluation 
Evaluation of risk
Indicators and observation 

Module 3: Finance and entrepreneurship

Investment finance 
Venture capital 
Marketing eco-innovation 

Module 4: Social acceptability

Field notes: social acceptability of industry activities 
Governance, mediation and the precautionary principle 
Inter-cultural management 

Module 5: Major scientific challenges and technologies for sustainability

Application of information technologies in eco-innovation
Renewable energy technologies 
Advanced detectors 
Clean and sustainable transport 
Sustainable construction 
Clean production and by-product treatment 

Module 6: Skill Modules

Innovation Project Management 
Negotiation / Conflict Management 

Integration Seminar 

Internship Clinic 

In addition to the six modules, plus the integration seminar and the internship clinic, you will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Intensive local language courses
  • Intensive English courses
  • Company site visits illustrating eco-innovation challenges and practice - experimental buildings, labs, demonstration of products.
  • Direct contacts and exchanges with start-up firms associated with the CEC Advisory Program as well as with the finance and capital investment actors
  • Workshops and seminars organized by local partners
  • Innovation Seminar Series in which master students will benefit from visiting speakers' perspectives on innovations in general, and eco-innovations more specifically.

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